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Birthday Jankin and a mini journal link share Jen of eve designs YT channel.

14 Responses to “Birthday Jankin and a mini journal link share”

  1. scrappinfriend says:

    Great jankin finds ….love the milk glass piece !

  2. Ve Lavender says:

    Oh those vintage cards in the box are just such a find as your ooh and aahs
    expressed…so pretty and sweet…glad you had fun with your jankin and
    blessings to you Janet from Violet

  3. Debbie Hayslette says:

    Wonderful jankin goodies. Happy birthday Janet. Tfs. Hugs, Debbie

  4. smartypantskidz says:

    Hey there – great finds – you completely scored with the cards – just love
    those!!! so many great images!! have fun

  5. INSPIRED SOUL says:

    Happy Birthday , enjoy all your wonderful finds :D love the cards :D

  6. Laura Steinert says:

    Happy Birthday and many more! Nice haul. I have that milk glass pitcher
    along with a smaller version of it and use them.all the time.

  7. Marlene Lund says:

    You always find the best stuff…lol tfs
    Hope your having a good birthday!

  8. kscookie says:

    Happy birthday, hope it was terrific. TFS

  9. Thriftypapergarden says:

    Happy Birthday, my friend! Love those vintage greeting cards. TFS, Julie

  10. Maggie White says:

    Happy Birthday Sis! You found some awesome goodies! Those vintage cards
    in the box…gorgeous!!! tfs Hugs, Maggie

  11. Pat. S. says:

    Happy Birthday Janet. Great finds. Love the little milk glass pitcher. The
    box of vintage card is a fantastic find.
    Looking forward to see your little granddaughters journals. Enjoy your day.
    Hugs Patrizia

  12. littleredwagonstudio says:

    That’s funny…we had several of those pieces in my store…lol…typing
    paper, chicken, and cards and we always have milkglass…does not last long
    though….HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! hugs, Stephie

  13. Nancy martinez says:

    OMG Janet i adore your centerpiece with the little squirrel , So
    adorable.OHHH your going to Alaska maybe? how cool .Love the little
    journals you made for your babies.I know they will love journaling their
    adventures. Nice hauls again sweetie.HAPPY BIRTHDAY Janet TFS Blessings
    and hugs Nancy


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