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Ben Carson: Being gay is a choice, look at inmates

Potential GOP presidential contender Dr. Ben Carson says being homosexual is a choice. CNN’s Chris Cuomo sits down with him in an exclusive interview.

24 Responses to “Ben Carson: Being gay is a choice, look at inmates”

  1. PeaceOfMind says:

    Starting to give up on humanity..

  2. 5Hfanboy says:

    This man is so dumb

  3. Edgardo Amado says:

    R u serious !? …. How can a man so brilliant be completely illogical ? 

  4. Ianna Matney says:

    Being gay is not a choice but being a homophobic asshole is.

  5. Ajnin42 says:

    prejudice black people are fucking hilarious. 

  6. StylezYung says:

    Ben Carson for president!

  7. mec loc says:

    ben carson is right to say it is a choice, I use the example of inmates too

  8. Fatal Excretion says:

    FURTHERMORE, you cannot EXECUTE people for having SEX, no matter what type
    you engage in. This has all become so IMMATURE and STUPID, it’s beyond

  9. daniel harvey iv says:

    The smartest dumb guy in the world 

  10. Atemporal says:

    The saddest part about this is not that he thinks he can get the GOP
    nomination but the fact that he’s a doctor!

  11. iqmygift2u says:

    one man, allowing another man, to ram him up the arse, is a choice….. and
    its as simple as that.

    Life in itself is a series of choices….. married or single? kids or no
    kids? steak over lobster? drugs or drink? to be nice or to be mean? to date
    a boy or a girl?

    its all about choice, and the honorable Mr Carson hits it right on the head
    with his prison analogy … when your doing 20 years as a hetero inmate,
    having relations with another man is a 100%, unconditional, choice….. is
    it not?

    case closed.

  12. husker hammer says:

    do some research people. It’s a fact that a large number of men who enter
    the prison system for extended periods of time decide to engage in gay sex
    for the first time in their lives. It’s also true that upon release the
    same men continue gay sex on the outside of prison. But with that said I
    don’t believe this proves homosexuality is a choice. However, I do believe
    this man wuld make an exceptional President unlike the gutless bafoon who
    sits in the White House currently.

  13. John Pro says:

    Conservative candidates sure know how to self-destruct. He should have had
    a more polished answer.

  14. Bain 1998 says:

    What a dumbass. Straight people come out of prison gay? LMAO! On what
    planet? A lot of straight men get SO horny while in prison that some do
    resort to making men their “bitches” which is like what the interviewer
    said. Its more about dominance then sexual attraction, but you can bet
    once they are out of prison they are going right back to vagina. And if
    they don’t, well then they were probably closet cases in the first place.
    Just like Ben. A lot of gay men are currently married to women and have
    sex with them and then later in life finally come out. Did they suddenly
    choose to be gay? No. They lived a like the entire time.


    I feel sorry for the gay community that has been afflicted with that mental

  16. Johnny B. Goode says:

    I think dude is a repressed homosexual, seriously. It is obvious he thinks
    a lot about this – one of those Christian repressed types

  17. S Cin says:

    Idiot Savant Ben Carson on Gay marriage.

  18. mov2beat says:

    You would NEVER hear even the most right wing politician in Canada go out
    on national television and say something this ridiculous. Glad I live in a
    country that respects gay rights 100%.
    The fact this guy is even considered by the media as a ‘contender’ for the
    white house is a joke!

  19. californication751 says:

    You’re going to be hated for your beliefs, Dr. Carson, but kudos and good
    on you for standing up for them. It’s necessary and needs to be present in
    such an arena because few others will stand up like that and defend the
    position. Let the hateful names people call you for simply having an
    opinion that doesn’t agree with theirs, slide right off of you. They amount
    to little more than hypocrisy.

  20. ocsob007 says:

    So is BEN telling us he’s gay but CHOOSES not to act on his impulses? If
    it’s choice, that must be the case, right?? AND to those who choose to
    argue this point, do you recall CHOOSING to be straight?? DO YOU HAVE

  21. Hausofcozy108 says:

    He is honestly just embarrassing himself at this stage…

  22. Devin Daniell says:

    He’s saying he doesn’t believe gay marriage is a legitimate marriage, but
    he essentially supports states allowing it. Why all the debate about
    whether homosexuality is a choice or not? That is completely beside the

  23. bench175 says:

    I might eat vegetables if I’m hungry enough. That doesn’t mean liking
    vegetables is a choice. I don’t like vegetables. This man is idiotic.
    EDIT: Apparently I have to explain myself for the “moreons” below. A lot
    of morons don’t understand that there is a difference between how you feel
    and how you act, so that’s why I brought up the vegetables. Ben Carson is
    an idiot because his example proves nothing. I don’t like tomatoes and
    that’s a fact that no one can change. However, I can eat tomatoes all day
    long, and that doesn’t mean that liking tomatoes is simply a choice for
    every one on the planet. You either like tomatoes or you don’t. Along
    with that, you can either eat them or not. I believe people when they say
    they are simply just gay, like when I believe people when they say they
    like tomatoes. Even if they are forcing themselves to be gay, which only
    idiots believe, who the fuck cares. It’s a free country. If two people
    are in love, only an asshole would mess with that. 

  24. ciel222 says:

    So Ben Carson equality and the rights of all people of colors in this
    country should of been decided by each states also??? each states should of
    decided whether or not all people of colors in this country deserved to
    have the rights they supposed to have as human beings??? As a black person
    myself I can say that


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