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MUST SEE: Bruce Jenner Transgender NWO Gay Agenda: Freeradiorevolu Channel on Vidme: Bruce Jenner Mind Control Victim SANDY HOOK …

25 Responses to “BANNED YOUTUBE VIDEO: Bruce Trans Jenner NWO GAY AGENDA (Must See!)”

  1. freeradiorevolution says:

    BANNED YOUTUBE VIDEO -Bruce Trans Jenner #NWO #GAYAGENDA #brucejenner

  2. Sons of Comet Ison says:

    FYI, Bruce Jenner is from Sandy Hook…

  3. Jon Fussell says:

    Back on point, sir. Great video.

  4. The Ottawa Expositor says:

    27 dislikes !!! Wow….fucking shills are in session today, arent they?!

    Great video. 

  5. Karma Justice says:

    BANNED YOUTUBE VIDEO -Bruce Trans Jenner #NWO #GAYAGENDA #brucejenner

  6. Xieon Gaming says:

    I don’t understand why we are obligated to say “it’s not that I’m anti gay
    ” etc. Well I am anti gay . It’s an agenda nothing to do with who you
    choose to love.

    Next they will push to make main stream pedo legal .

    The fact that they have their life centered around their sex lives is in it
    of itself prof there is something wrong.

    Can’t be both ways. Of the LGBT cause wants the right to do what they want,
    then I want the right to raise my children to think there’s something wrong
    with that. That would be a hate crime though 

  7. david kelley says:

    He looks like Quagmires dad from Family Guy when he came out…haha

  8. rumors ofwar says:

    Why don’t you cover real relevant news not this tmz hellywood garbage your
    chanel is going down hill.

  9. Xieon Gaming says:

    It doesn’t matter if he is mind controlled or act of he agenda is the same.

    Also look at gay hip hop agenda

  10. ColCasperUK says:

    Jeff I like your video and I’m about 2/3s of the way through but I can tell
    you missed something MASSIVE! The original father, Robert Kardashian was
    one of the lawyers that got OJ off murder in 95, that has to mean something
    as well, without that…there is no The Kardashians

  11. Stuart Jones says:

    I wish JEWTUBE would stop censoring shit

  12. Southern Picking With Resale Rookie says:

    Bruce Jenner looks likes a fuckin’ MONSTER. His face looks like something
    the contestants of that reality show FaceOff would carve, a freakin’ mask.

  13. G Malicious says:

    Gay Mafia back at it!

  14. nuggz503 says:


  15. FluidEditsHQ says:


  16. Amelia Rivas says:

    BANNED YOUTUBE VIDEO -Bruce Trans Jenner #NWO #GAYAGENDA #brucejenner

  17. KSVideos says:

    You fucking support gay addoption? The kid is gonna grow based on the mom
    with the beard or the one with the mustache? 

  18. manga4774 says:

    its a good video but the sound cuts out from min 20-24!

  19. Frank Black says:

    I believe Vidme just screwed Jeff. His video is not on the site.

  20. James Salyers says:

    I’m gonna say the truth here. It does not matter what you believe ok. I
    could care less myself. But God says otherwise. In the book of Romans. He
    says it’s a plague on those who choose to let it slide. And that it brings
    nothing but death. And sickness and that no life comes from it. That those
    countries that condone it will be over taken. He promises this. Sodom and
    Gomorrah were not destroyed because of a few sodomites, but because they
    condoned it. The people said that’s ok. When it’s not. It’s of Satan. Who
    comes to kill and steal and destroy. The truth was foretold long ago.
    People need to take inventory. Just look at what this has done in a few
    years. Teaching 5 year olds about gay sex. God is destroying us and our
    country because of this. Just as he said he would. Make no mistake. He will
    do this. Until it changes. I’m talking total destruction people. You can
    not go against Gods law and not pay the price. I’m sorry but it’s very

  21. Jason Knight says:

    Comparing Bruce Jenner with a Gay person seems kinda offensive to Gays….
    He isn’t Gay he has an extreme mental illness and is surrounded by 4 Nut
    job women.

  22. Abaddon Apollyon says:

    Try to get more of your subs to go to Vidme. It’s important.

  23. lavista4u says:

    America is as third world and worse than other countries…You don’t have
    any freedom …I’m pissed by censoring this video..

  24. Tim Zambra says:

    Anyone notice our brave new world order is terrified of straight men?

  25. Adam Coffland says:

    “How Zeus helped the Loch Ness Monster through Dracula’s transgender
    revelation.” ROFLMFAO!!!


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