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Atown get exposed for being gay

25 Responses to “Atown get exposed for being gay”

  1. Loskiii beingreal says:
  2. Always Extra Ent. says:

    Oh shit Supa Savage Loski knows about the coonery in Philly? Lol follow me
    niggas @AEFresh 

  3. Kobe Irving says:


  4. InfernoHades says:

    Lmao this was worth my 10% battery.


    Damn Bruh how u knew I had on my bandana 

  6. MegaPussykilla says:

    Loskiii you still TYMB BD or you flipped PMG ??

  7. itsdossTV says:

    lmao ” i watched the special Olympics before “

  8. kingzel webb says:

    ffrr doe y is this niqqa famous

  9. sanchez black says:

    Nigga fuck dem birds haa funny as fuck 

  10. Fabbio Salvatore says:

    My stupid friend do u realize that u talking about a mental kid who don’t
    did anything to you . And u ugly ass self talking about him . Come bro grow
    to fuck up u are like 40 years Old talking sit about a kid go fuck u ugly
    ass and cut ur hair because u look like Bob Marley but in the gay version .
    So fuck off and stop messing with the poor kid . God will be the judge of u
    mother fucker

  11. TrillerThanAll says:

    naw g i disagree with you on this one my g cause in the south they talk
    about birds and moving birds which mean bricks g

  12. Jimmybeck14 says:

    Atwon just posted a video proving it was a female. You always quick to call
    someone gay smh

  13. Targeted Individual says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Nigga pulled out the burner and pointed at the camera.
    Hell naw. Nigga got me in tears literally….hell naw
    ahahahahahahahahahahaha !

  14. Donte Carter says:

    That shit got me thinking its a lot of shit that deal with birds. We all
    know wassup with Birdman gay ass. Hollister logo is a bird, every sport has
    at least about 5 teams with birds, our country’s animal is a bald eagle
    (bird), what do niggas call a brick (a bird). Now they got This lil special
    nigga pushing the agenda talkin bout the birds are chirping..wassup wit all
    these birds man

  15. Charles Powell says:

    looks like its hand…

  16. FaTaL Dsyr says:

    lmao funny u funny asf 

  17. TakeSum Devan says:

    lmaooooo cuhz got my ass cracced da fucc up (he gone busta nut) da

  18. A1 Loco says:

    Birds means women nigga white people in the UK say that shit

  19. zanther153 says:

    +Loskiii beingreal First and foremost i wanna say that i fuck wit u heavy.
    U one of the few real ones left in this world and everybody should peep ur
    vids. I want to ask you about ur opinion on where u should get guns from,
    the streets or an actual gun store/show and why. It would be an interesting
    topic for a video too but im sure u prolly got one up ya sleeve. Anyway
    keep spreading the word my nigga, live long and prosper 

  20. Bee Cott says:

    2:20 – 2:40 lmfao my nigga you is a fucking fool

  21. DreadHead'Gotti says:

    He aint Vine famous he got about 50k on there I think he snoop dogg cousin
    Or one of them famous niggas .. I think its snoop tho but yea he probably
    put that nigga on and probably sold out For some bands and a little fame ..
    Because he only hang around famous people mostly.

  22. Michael Myers says:

    Loskiii vids been going downhill

  23. Violent Decay says:

    So Birdman would be considered Dickman, and when weezy and birdman used to
    make the bird sound brrrrrrrrr they were rappin bout some dick. smh kissin
    each other on the mouth and shit.

  24. BrandedforGreatness says:

    My nigga I walked into a department store they had shirts that look like
    skirts. Them two tone joints, it was a bandanna trim round the bottom and
    the sleeves. I’m like ” hell nah, they try to harden it up with the
    bandana” Lol I bet you was finna blast yo fuckin screen wide open when you
    saw that shit! That make a nigga snap. Woodywood pecker type niggas out
    there pushing the agenda through fashion and the porn. That’s some mind
    control shit. Fam finna play duck hunt with the 30 lol I’m just clownin

  25. Slick Brandon says:

    “double time sound like a double crime” lmao


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