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Ashton Kutcher: Not Sure If You’re Gay? Kiss A Dude

“Ashton Kutcher has a novel suggestion for men who wish to discover more about their sexualities. Make like he did on Two And A Half Men with co-star Jon Cryer and experiment by “kissing…

24 Responses to “Ashton Kutcher: Not Sure If You’re Gay? Kiss A Dude”

  1. Storm Bey says:

    The first time I saw a vagina I was watching a porno at 12, I almost threw
    up and cried. I couldn’t even fathom being with a woman and at that moment
    it was solidified. I don’t need to eat shit to know I’m not interested in
    it. However, what Cenk bypasses is the fact that he said “if you’re not
    sure” if you are sure, then you know, if you have doubts or curiosity,
    pique them. Simple.

  2. That Cunt No One Likes says:

    You’re all welcome to suck my cock to see if you like it. 

  3. The night wanderer says:

    Although I’m a wolf, I am considered as being a great kisser.

  4. Yordanos Hamaya says:

    not sure if your into dogs? have sex with one
    right whites?

  5. MLGTroy1 says:

    i guarentee at least 80% of all religious people would be totally gay if
    there was no stigma or religion

  6. Micro 19 says:

    It’s kinda whack how gay females get praised for it and dudes are all like
    “that’s hot” but gay men get shitted on. Kinda sad really.

  7. Taint Man says:

    TYT’s stories becoming more vapid by the day…

    Next they will do a story on the sky being blue, and thus democrat.

  8. ChristianMission says:

    Kutcher needs to stick to the only things he can barely do – act and tweet
    – and not be a wannabe psychologist. You don’t tell confused people to
    “just do it” in order to figure out what they are; this is how you get
    people into trouble. In this case, you expose confused people to a
    lifestyle that is responsible for the vast majority of new HIV cases per

  9. Fuck You says:


  10. BOB ABOOEY says:

    Trying to justify his fagetness,no straight man in the world will kiss a
    next man.What next asshole sex?”Well he put his Dick in my ass but I didn’t
    like it.”

  11. Effervescent Misanthrope says:

    I’m pansexual and my first couple make-out sessions with another man were
    bloody awful. Sexual discovery is more complex than that.

  12. Listenbuddy1 says:

    I know libs who have turned gay for no other reason than to annoy people.

  13. EndlessVacuum says:

    I’m still not convinced, I think Ashton Kutcher should suck a few dicks
    before he can be sure that he isn’t gay.

  14. ‎Yordanos Hamaya says:

    Discovering your sexuality ? What the fuck is this, your biology
    determines who you’re. nature didn’t make a mistake so stop trying to
    change it. 

  15. Adrian St. Fort says:

    I am in favor of gay rights but find homosexuality – particularly between
    men – to be strange and icky (no offense); the thought of one man inserting
    his member into an orifice of another man is off-putting (no offense), but
    because such an act is a private matter and is harmless on a societal-wide
    scale, I don’t think those who engage in it should be marginalized. 

  16. Inazuma65 says:

    Back when I thought I was straight, I agreed to tried gay sex because a
    friend kept insisting on it. My disgust quickly turned into pleasure when I
    started sucking his cock. I was totally surprised by how much I enjoyed it.
    I eventually figured out that I am pansexual. So yeah, I would actually
    suggest that everyone try something new if they can, because they may end
    up liking it.

  17. Savana V says:

    I bet all of the guys who say gay sex is “Icky” are the same guys who ask
    their girl for anal sex. Just saying.

  18. mrwhittflexx says:

    I think we live in a world where you can just say anything and it’s true.
    Physical evidence isn’t required at all. Throw away the Biology books. Too
    bad college exams don’t use the same method huh! Everyone would be an A

  19. Yvaelle says:

    He’s right IMO. If you aren’t sure if you’re gay – kiss a dude – it’s only
    a kiss. If you really still aren’t sure after a good makeout session, trade
    blowjobs with a dude. If you are still on the fence after blowing each
    other, fuck each other. If it’s still unclear after taking/receiving anal
    sex, you’re probably bi or pansexual, in which case cool – you learned
    something about yourself – you grew as a person. You are now free to fall
    in love with anyone.

  20. sonix rey says:

    If there was no stigma or taboo around incest relationships then people
    would be more open with expressing their sexuality with their (adult)
    family members. Sure MOST of us cringe about it but didn’t most people
    cringe when they think of gay sex? when will incest couples have their own
    flag? when will incest couples march for their right to be accepted in
    society? when will hollywood romanticize incest relationships? when will
    the incest community have a lovable ELLEN type figure to represent them?
    when will we educate our children in schools that incest relations is not
    “gross” but it is purely LOVE ? do incest couples need to be bullied in
    order for them to have a voice??? when will we truly evolve?? and before
    you say that incest couples have a high risk of having disfigured
    children..they can always use protection or Adopt just like gay couple can.
    Having kids should not be the only reason for two consenting adults to be
    together . Love has no limits. #equality4all #love #peace 

  21. Jim Doug says:

    He’s talking about “if you’re not sure.” If you’re sure, then of course
    don’t. He’s not saying everyone should try being gay.

    Nice straw man. 

  22. Nathan Orton says:

    I think they’re putting too much thought into this.

  23. Taylor Simpson says:

    I do find it interesting that so many straight people do find gays kissing
    or having sex gross. I am gay and can watch straight sex or 2 girls going
    at it and I don’t find it gross at all, it just doesn’t turn me on, in the
    same way that if you eat food I don’t think tastes good doesn’t gross me
    out. I don’t like salad or carrots, but if I see you eating it I am no
    grossed out. As a gay guy I was perfectly fine doing things with women but
    it just didn’t get me off. I’ve made out with a lot of women while in and
    out of the closet and fingered women. I didn’t ever find it gross at all.
    The only problem is I didn’t find it hot.

    I’d rather have to have sex with a hot woman than a gross guy because with
    the woman I just wouldn’t be turned on….with the gross guy I would be
    grossed out. So I would pick the hot guy, and I wonder if straight people
    have similar views. If you had to give oral sex to a really gross woman or
    an attractive clean guy would you still pick the woman? Just wondering cuz
    I’m gay not bi but I’d rather pick the clean attractive woman, than a gross
    repulsive dirty guy.

  24. Titus Orelius says:

    Cenk is so obviously a fucking bigot at heart. He expresses bigoted
    attitudes on homosexuality and expresses sexist attitudes in both
    directions. Not only that but he also expresses racist attitudes towards
    non-whites that do not share his ideas.

    I am not at all surprised this asshole started out the worst kind of
    die-hard republican. He seems to still be one in all the ways that matter.


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