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Aphrodisiac Parfait – Handle It

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a tasty treat that will help treat you to some Valentine’s treats. LIKE/FAVORITE and SHARE new recipes every week! Need tools to cook with? Order the cooking…

25 Responses to “Aphrodisiac Parfait – Handle It”

  1. Jenthor I says:

    301 view club !

    Free Food while supplies last

  2. Marcos Amparo says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone

    Fucking enjoy it!!!!

  3. Epic Meal Time says:
  4. Mandeville Sisters says:

    Happy Valentines day everyone!!

  5. Jekaz Present says:

    Фу блять как это можно кушать?

  6. Cliporis says:

    Gonna spend my day with righthandette, what about everyone else?

  7. MetroMiner21 RPG says:

    Wouldn’t it be better to release this a week in advance?

  8. Artier Quiros says:

    Where did muscle glasses go? Plus you guys should collaborate with deadmau5
    again I enjoyed those vids ;)

  9. Mackenzie Kim says:

    Is it me or the volume is freakishly small?

  10. TheSkunKSmoke says:

    Could you teach me how to get a man’s cock out of his pants?

  11. sietse de boer says:

    where is the bacon?

  12. Lazarus65 says:

    Or if you’re lazy like me… Rohypnol. Works everytime. Her panties just
    fall off.

  13. BrOwN3yer0$eBUD says:

    You mother fuckers need to learn about the Bill Cosby special. It consist
    of cappuccino, Spanish fly and rape. 

  14. Tellthatruth says:


    1. “Where’s Muscles Glasses?” (HE’S GONE. Now STFU about it.)
    2. “Fat Americans” (They are CANADIANS, you morons.)
    3. “This show sucks now.” (Then STOP WATCHING. Who the hell keeps watching
    shows they don’t like?)
    4. “EMT sold out!!” (What did they sell out? The urban underground cooking
    scene? This ain’t rap, they COOK FOOD.) 

  15. IHaveNoLife ILikeBoobsThough says:

    I made some of these with my mom today. They are DELICIOUS. But they made
    her so horny, I can hear her flicking her bean right now. Bad idea!

  16. DaniiCEO says:

    fuck bacon, gives u disease and messes with ur #gainz

  17. lizzie ting says:

    If I wasn’t allergic to pine nuts man this would be my valentines treat 

  18. bokeflo says:

    LOL! Perfect food for Valentine’s Day.

  19. the trueparadisecity says:

    I thought parfaits were yogurt instead of all whipped cream?

  20. Havok says:

    Never could understand the appeal of parfaits.Whipped cream is just far too
    light to enjoy by itself. Mousse, sure. At least mousse is dense enough to
    hold its own as a dessert.

  21. Andrew Repka says:

    If anyone actually makes this tell me how it is. I don’t usually like
    parfait and this looks terrible. But I’m still pretty interested to know
    how it tastes (without buying all the ingredients and doing it myself just
    to possibly confirm that I won’t like it). I might try the cayenne
    chocolate though.

  22. Excellence says:

    *My imaginary GF loves Bacon, should i marry her?*

  23. Horst Llik says:

    a parfait is a semi frozen ice not only cream

  24. Cora Cadman says:

    That is the grossest looking thing they’ve ever made.

  25. Andri474 says:

    I was told melting chocolate in the microwave oven is a terrible idea. Is
    that true?


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