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Alabama Judge Compares Gay Marriage To Slavery

In a riveting interview on Thursday, CNN host Chris Cuomo grilled Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore over his efforts to defy federal courts by blocking same-sex marriage in his state……

25 Responses to “Alabama Judge Compares Gay Marriage To Slavery”

  1. Fedorawnda Jones says:

    *Ughhh!!!* Here we go again, Kyle. Why do you waste your time with gay
    marriage videos when gay marriage is already legal? The majority of your
    audience wants you to focus on eliminating white privilege, promoting
    Hilary Clinton for president, and getting strong intellectual feminists
    like myself into Congress so that we can change the country for the better.

    You’re wasting your time and resources covering useless information, grow


  2. Freddie Mercury says:

    I hate living in alabama

  3. KaVmAn D says:

    Just wow… Roy Moore. Pull your head out of your ass.

  4. nenafan1 says:

    Cuoco did a better job than at least half the news people would have. Like
    kyle said, though, I’m amazed he didn’t call out the BS of comparing gay
    marriage to slavery.

    I’m just waiting for the Feds to either cuff him, or for him to be
    disbarred and his reputation ruined. It shall be a sweet, sweet karmic

  5. Lizzy Bennet says:

    He compared same-sex marriage to slavery. Even though, the Bible the source
    of his morality also supported slavery.

  6. Gabe Chapman says:

    Well, here is a fair comparison, a quick one in fact….
    Bible disapproves gay marriage, but approves slavery. So comparing gay
    marriage to slavery must be a good thing then. Check mate Christians 

  7. Adam Langfelder says:

    When I watched this, it was like watching a train crash. Roy Moore is a
    fucking dullard. To compare fighting same sex marriage to slavery is an
    insult to every decent person out there. This shows the level of stupidity
    in this country and it’s aggravating.
    Cuomo should have pressed as hard as he could, he shouldn’t have held back!
    Shit, I could have done a better job than Chris. If Kyle or Cenk did the
    interview, Moore would have burst into flames. 

  8. That Atheist says:

    I fucking hate the south so much.

  9. What is my purpose? says:

    So Anti-LGBT people are just the equivalent of anti-interracial marriage
    people from the 1900s. And the anti-interracial marriage people are the
    equivalent of slavers during the 1800s. Am I understanding this correctly?

  10. Bernard Rednix says:

    do all people in the southern states are bigot like that guy?

  11. TechnoSinister すごい says:

    And this man is in power

  12. Nicholas Sabater says:

    I actually think he handled the interview alright, I give him a 7/10

  13. Inazuma65 says:

    The moron never even tried to come up with a single reason why it’s bad to
    be gay or why it’s OK to ban gay marriage.

  14. xXRockXLobsterXx says:

    So, if a married straight couple from Alabama get a divorce, are they still
    first cousins?

  15. Roger R. Blenman says:

    Thanks for the commentary, and thoughtful analysis of the equality
    principle in historic cases. Your imitation of Roy Moore’s accent however
    colours those quotes as ad hominem arguments. Ridicule and satire of the
    morally repugnant ideas are powerful enough advocates for truth.

  16. ime akpan says:

    Laughable. What next, will conservatives ask for reparations for their
    broken philanderous marriages.

  17. awesome brain says:

    People elected this dude? Like actual people with brains? Oh I forgot, It’s
    the south we are talking about.

  18. Béla Gulyás says:

    Can someone tell me please why does the US goverment allow these things to
    happen? Why does the US goverment allow these kinds of people to be in

  19. MandyDoll says:

    Gay people getting married down South is going to be a HUGE problem. There
    are still a lot of ‘good ‘ol boys’ down here and a lot of them wear
    uniforms or sit in the courtrooms. Good luck, LGBT community. See y’all in

  20. Ronald Jones says:

    Being conservative is a licence to be inconsistent.There is no penalty for
    stepping on your own rationale when it benefits you. The way they will
    adopt concepts they despise without a shred of credulity is mind numbing.
    Before Obama fixed the debt, unemployment, etc.They called him a Marxist
    inciting class warfare/envy because he mentioned income inequality, then
    without missing a beat adopted income inequality as a talking point without
    any shame of the huge pivot. Conservatives and their voters don’t adhere to
    the universal standards of intellectual consistency. Call them out and
    watch the victimization tears flow. 

  21. Abena20 says:

    I wish people would stop using black people as examples for everything.
    Both homophobes and pro-marriage equality people exploit us to make their
    points. So tired of people of using our history this way, especially when
    they don’t care about discrimination against us. If the point you’re making
    is good, your argument should be able to stand on its own without you
    trying to use the emotion behind our past to advance your own group.
    The comparison to interracial marriage makes more sense anyway. Why don’t
    people ever use that?

  22. Trev S says:

    Roy Moor has give people an astonish insight into the obsession some have
    with the gender of other peoples lovers – it’s kinda spooky

  23. Robert Allen says:

    Who the fuck are you to criticize Cuomo’s performance when by our own
    admission, you were too lazy to spend 25 minutes doing your job by
    watching the entire interview? Well I have, motherfucker ,and you don’t
    know what you’re talking about.
    You are just as dishonest, despicable and disgusting as those whom you rake
    over the coals, you fucking Pharisee.. YOU OWE YOUR VIEWERS AN APOLOGY,

  24. Bolgernow says:

    That’s because Moore’s a racist bigot asshole ending his career again. The
    KKK publicly supported his actions
    That tells you all you ever need to know about Moore, his love of
    discrimination, & the social hate he espouses

  25. Eric Haley says:

    Alabama has the second largest number of hate with that being
    said, the good ole boys won’t tolerate this type of law,and they definitely
    won’t take it laying down.


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