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Before I die, ALL THAT I ASK FOR IS ONE MOVIE. That’s it, Disney. Just ONE FREAKING MOVIE. And I will be happy and shut up and watch it over and over until I’m dead in a grave. Anyway, I hope…

25 Responses to “A GAY DISNEY PRINCE?!”

  1. Jack Merridew says:
  2. Brian North says:

    I imagine they have something in the works… that tumblr post had 10
    million votes on it the last time I checked. Gay Disney prince or riot!!

  3. _Nyanko_ says:

    If anything that should do a day Disney movie, but have the boy really want
    to go to whatever it is but cannot attend as himself, because reasons,
    pretends to be a girl of whatever sort, the prince or whoever falls for
    him, dramatic things happen, the boy has to go to a very important thing at
    whatever an the prince or whoever is there, feels as if he knows those
    beautiful eyes from some where, dramatic things happen and the guy feels
    himself falling for the boy, and then he finds out the boy was the girl,
    feels betrayed, yet comes to the realization that gender doesn’t matter,
    love is all the counts, and they live happily ever after.

    Or, keeping the same sort of plot, they are actually childhood friends who
    drifted apart because the boy felt that if he could not get his friends
    love, there was no way he could truly be happy together. Then the friend
    finds out that the boy is actually this really popular girl around town and
    he tries to get her/his attention because he has always loved there boy and
    in the end they live happily ever after.

    Or…. They could just have two guys fuck… That works too…

  4. Matthew Middleton says:

    Marvel has 2 gay characters and they are boyfriends: Wiccan and Hulkling of
    the Young Avengers.

  5. Tariq Maduro says:

    It should be a reverse romeo and juliet story where the parents of two
    families wants one families son to marry the other’s daughter but it turns
    out the sun falls in love with his wife to be’s brother. Disney make it

  6. Moe Othman says:

    *Hey Jack, are you attending Vidcon? I got invited to host my own panel
    there, and id love to meet you*

    P.S – I’d love to meet the viewers also, so if you’re coming, let me know!

  7. Crimson Torrent says:

    Also, no gay super heroes?
    Captain America and Bucky have totes been doin’ it since 1940
    and then Batman and Robin? Helloooo
    I betcha even Hawkeye be gettin’ some man action cuz Natasha be totally
    into that.
    Of course there’s also The Hulkling and Wiccan.
    Spiderman is bisexual too, right?

    All the superheroes love the D.
    I mean, no one can prove otherwise ;)

  8. david johnson says:

    I agree with you but if that happens Christians will be running the streets
    with torches and ball peen hammers.

  9. Jimmy Cotreau says:

    I’m pretty sure Green Lantern is gay… Also, there really have been like
    50 versions of Cinderella (Okay, like maybe 3 or 4)

  10. Justice says:

    you’ve never watched princess and the frog? omg I loved it..the “Down In
    New Orleans” prologue is one of my favorite songs of all the disney
    princess songs lol

  11. bh20pal says:

    I can think of a cartoon production house that spent a lot of money
    reproducing the Disney look.
    It’s owner does not mind offending minority groups or races. You need to
    write this Jack. But seriously and make it beautiful . Just saying!

  12. Danny Jennings says:

    As far as I’m concerned, all Disney princes are gay and would fall in love
    with me if we ever met.

  13. GaramondGourmond says:

    Gay Disney prince? Hmmmm. Well, I *think that most Disney movies are
    traditionally based on The Brothers Grim stories, which are full of
    straight people. Medieval culture liked to burn gay people at the stake,
    along with witches. So I’m not convinced that Disney has a lot of libretti
    to work from on that score. On the other hand they did Mulan about a girl
    dressed as a guy, but instead of that turning into a lesbian story, she
    goes for the guy in the end, so . . . . Let’s face it. Disney is the
    ultimate purveyor of the straight agenda. *shrug. Watchya gonna do?

  14. Squidle Pea says:

    Actually, there are gay super heroes

  15. Galla | Vich says:

    Jack, how hard is it to Major for Screenwriting? I really want to pursue it
    after I’ll graduate from my Information Technology degree. Thanks!

  16. Joel Munoz says:

    Hell yeah Aladdin sexy ass is always going to be my dig prince (;

  17. Mia Holm says:

    Well.. a gay actor is going to play Gaston in the upcoming Beauty and the
    Beast.. that’s close enough, right? :)

  18. Johnny G says:

    Love the singing!! How about teaming up with Ryan Higa ? He can do the
    animation and you can do the voice! If that doesn’t get Disney interested I
    don’t know what will ;)
    Thanks for another entertaining start to my Saturday x

  19. LuKke L says:

    it wont happen in the next 1098764 years…

    and the princes in disney movies are only there bc of the main character ::
    THE PRINCESS … so a lesbian princess is gona happen first.. (i guess)

  20. Sunny Monroe says:

    There are quite a lot of gay marvel characters but only in the comics tho

  21. Patrick Quirky says:

    i think elsa should be a lesbian in frozen 2. just a suggestion.

  22. Joseph Tate says:

    Article I’m reading says it comes fall 2015

  23. Zion kurosaki says:

    Like everything horrible in the works I blame religion.

  24. HeyKyle96 says:

    I was so excited when I seen that articular and I googled it to find out
    more and cried when I seen that it was a hoax. But its a legit story and Im
    tempted to buy it, so I want that to be a thing. And Philip(Sleeping
    Beauty) is the hottest hands down, strange voice but hot.

  25. Kevin Patrick says:

    I’d have to say that Aladin is my fav but also Tarzan tho not a prince is


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