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9 Questions Gay People Have For Straight People

Just a few inquiries about this straight “lifestyle.” Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! MUSIC Happy Swing Licensed via Warner Chappell Production…

25 Responses to “9 Questions Gay People Have For Straight People”

  1. Michael Sarkis says:

    To the entire LGBT+ community, I am deeply sorry for what you guys go
    though, I’m not only talking about this horrible comment section, but also
    the world as a whole. Although you guys are getting more and more accepted
    in today’s society, there is still SO MUCH hate. If I ever had a kid and
    found out he/she was gay, I would be extremely sad, and maybe even cry. Not
    because I’m against it, because I’m afraid of all the hate they will
    receive, them feeling lonely and an outcast, and having to experience all
    this at such an early age. To all of the “haters” out there, I understand
    what freedom of speech is, but just because that’s a thing, doesn’t mean
    you can be rude and disrespectful. That’s just disgusting if that’s the way
    you think. I’m fine with you voicing your opinion about you stance and how
    you feel about this, but not in the way most of you are doing it now; death
    threats, bullying in general etc. What has this world come to, do you
    understand how stupid it is that two people in love can’t get married? How
    idiotic it is to say, your disgusting for being a man and thinking a women
    is hot or the other way around? Sounds stupid right? I am privileged to be
    able to grow up with special conditions, I’m 14 and I am growing in a time
    where the world and it’s people are changing like never before, I’m Arabic
    and from Syria, but I was born and raised here in America, I am able to
    step back and observe the world and how it works, it’s culture, religion,
    technology, and it’s people, and how different people react to different
    situations. And the fact that myself, a 14 year old straight boy, has to
    tell people to not be disrespectful and rude to others for who they love
    and what they identify as, is just plain stupid. I did post a comment
    similar to this on another buzzfeed video, but I feel like this needs to be
    said and and seen. But to all the LGBT+ people out there, stay strong,
    there will always be haters but you will have to learn to overcome there
    hatred, because things do get better. 

  2. Wang Muncher says:

    Anyone else think that girl with the hat is hot? No? Just Me? Okay.. ):

  3. SkyElekta says:

    Yes, why do people get offended if someone calls them gay? I’m straight,
    and if someone called me gay, I wouldn’t care. There’s NOTHING wrong with
    being gay!

  4. Georgina Allen says:

    All you straight people who feel ‘under attack’ need to realise that this
    video was probably not aimed at you. If it was questions for homophobes, a
    majority of people would say “oh that doesn’t affect me” and wouldn’t even
    look to see if their behaviour was homophobic.Calling it questions for
    straight people makes people think “do i say that?” and if they do, they
    can correct it. Its not an attack on all straight people!

  5. iTz Amin says:

    Can a gay man thats a woman in the relationship be with a gay woman thats
    the man in the relationship? Lolololol

  6. Umpa Lumpa says:

    FINALLY A VIDEO WITHOUT A STRAIGHT PERSON! They’re just everywhere! Out of
    all the choices they can make, why choose to be straight.

  7. James Burrell says:

    I have a question for you gay people… Why do you think it’s okay to try
    make a move on straight people when they are clearly with their partner?

    The reason why I ask this is because every party or nightclub I go to that
    one single gay guy starts trying to flirt with me. Even though I’m with my
    girlfriend and it’s pretty clear that were together.

  8. artaza Khan says:

    “The world is overpopulated” I am done

  9. Alpha Senpai says:

    tfw in the bible there’s actually a part where jesus says he hates figs

  10. weenermeat says:

    I wanna go to a gay black wedding.

  11. Tangly says:

    I thought this was supposed to be a video about questions gay people have
    for straight people. Why are all your questions about LGBT issues?

  12. Pizza God says:

    high level of sass in this video…

  13. Liam Frisenbrink says:

    should be named 9 questions gay people have for homophobic people.

  14. Meredith Lloyd says:

    * 9 Questions Gay People Have for Ignorant / Misinformed Straight People.

  15. Nerdy Weightlifter says:

    Buzzfeed why are you saying that every straight person holds those feelings
    or opinions like straight people are biggots? 

  16. kaltiny1997 says:

    “Why is it that you have a really large dating pool but have a really high
    divorce rate?” Are you kidding me? Being straight has nothing to do with
    anything in contributing to divorces, there are tons of other factors that
    would cause divorce, being straight is not one of them. 

  17. kikonyc68 says:

    I get offended when I’m mistaken for straight. Like what?! Excuse me?

  18. TheAverageChanel says:

    privileged straight person tears

    lgbt people are litearly being murdered

  19. anushka says:

    “Who’s the man?”
    I seriously don’t fucking understand why people ask this. Stop perpetuating
    gender roles and please educate yourself on what gay actually means.

  20. Calum Crowther says:

    I kinda want burritos.

  21. Assassin268 says:

    Why are all of you presuming that straight people are homophobic exactly?

  22. KAKA IBRAHIM says:

    That was sooo gay

  23. mina maria says:

    I swear to god if anybody turns this to topic of feminism..

  24. Ally. says:

    What “Straight” mean ?
    It’s like hetero or what… ?

  25. smegheadroo says:

    I actually find this video to be quite ironic. By assuming that all
    straight people think that being gay is a lifestyle choice, and that gay
    people automatically want to bed them, you have made a massive
    Generalisation is the root of discrimination. So by making a video
    complaining about straight people, you’ve actually lowered yourself to the
    same level as homophobes.
    As a straight guy, I personally could not give a shit what people’s sexual
    preferences are, as long as it’s between two (or more) consenting adults
    and no one gets hurt.
    This video should really be titled “Questions Gay People Have For


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