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5 reasons to pick ‘LIFE’ for your Community HealthChoices option – Observer

Life is about a lot more than your health, but when you don’t have the health care you need, it can certainly be more complicated. Such is the case for many seniors who may be struggling to find the right health care solution for their needs. But that search now requires a bit of timeliness: If you’re an adult age 21 years or older and have both Medicare and Medicaid, or you receive long-term supports through Medicaid, you’re required to select the localSenior LIFEprogram (if eligible) or a managed care organization to coordinate your health care by Nov. 13.

Still not sure which way to go? There are probably a few things you should know about the LIFE Program.

It allows you to live your LIFE

The Senior LIFE (Living Independence for the Elderly) program isn’t just about health care, it’s about helping seniors live the life they want to live. Under the LIFE program, which is part ofCommunity HealthChoices’new Medicaid health care plan, seniors can get health care and personal support services from the comfort of their homes. This includes medical care, home care, medications and other services. That means you’re free to live independently — and comfortably — wherever you like. In fact, if you require assistance traveling to and from medical appointments, Senior LIFE provides that too — keeping you safe each step (or drive) of the way.

It’s all coordinated

Anyone with a health care plan from any provider can attest that health insurance can be confusing. This is particularly true if you receive benefits from both Medicare and Medicaid. By choosing the Senior LIFE program, you don’t have to worry about coordinating all your benefits yourself. In fact, the program is the only one under Community HealthChoices that provides and coordinates all your Medicare and Medicaid benefits, allowing you to focus on what’s really important — staying healthy and happy in the comfort of your home (or wherever you’d like to be).

It’s free to enroll

If you’re currently receiving or are eligible for Medical Assistance, there’s no cost for you to enroll in theLIFEprogram. Additionally, if you currently receive Aging Waiver services, you are already eligible for the LIFE program. In some cases, you can even keep your current home care health providers while transitioning to the new program.

Your prescriptions are covered

While most Americans now have health coverage, according toCNN, the costs of prescription drugs are rising dramatically in the United States. If you currently use prescription drugs and are worried about your coverage, the LIFE program can alleviate some of that stress. Members of the program receive all medications – including those covered by Part D – directly through the program. You won’t need to travel to outside or specialty pharmacies or deal with insurance providers. Plus, your prescriptions are totally covered – there are no copays, deductibles or costs for members eligible for Medicaid.

The time is now

If you’re concerned about your health — and your health care provider — the time to enroll in Senior LIFE is now. That’s because eligible individuals must enroll in either the Senior LIFE program or a managed care organization by Nov. 13, for coverage starting Jan. 1, 2018.

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This article is sponsored by Senior LIFE.

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